Why You should never hire freelancers.

Are you serious about your business?

Do you really want to grow your business and get genuine piece of work?

Do you want a real growth, visibility, good presence & marketing for your business?
Never ever hire freelancers. Why???

Freelancers may sound you cheap immediately but at long run they are rather more expensive.

Freelancers are people working in one or the other companies for full time, in order to make extra money for their skills, they take freelancing projects, but according to one report 90% projects taken by freelancers are never completed on time or as expected.

People hire freelancers in order to save their initial cost of the setup but they forget that good things never comes cheap in life.
Freelancers will promise you tons of things before they acquire your projects but once you award them the project and make payment, their excuses starts-
1. I was busy in office today.

2. There was lot of work in office today.

3. I was scolded by my boss today, hence I am upset.

4. I had an office party today so got late.

5. There is no internet working at my place.

6. No electricity at my place today.

7. I am only a developer or designer and can not do other piece of work.

Remember the projects you award to them or the payments you make to them is just an additional topping for them, they will never compromise their main course for your toppings, and hence chances are that your project with freelancers will never be completed on time or not at all completed as they wont compromise their full time jobs for your freelance projects.

A Company may sound you expensive at once but think once again, you are not hiring only an individual but an entire team like

Designers, Developers, Content Writers, Quality Control, Project Managers as well as the company owner itself to finish your task.

It is but obvious that when you are hiring an entire team of 5-6 people for your project, it may not be cheap, but you can always be sure that your work will be finished well on time, with proper quality and authenticity.

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