We Are Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The parameter to judge everything in this world is MONEY. It is
the deciding factor of a person’s status in the society irrelevant of the fact
how the money is earned. It does generate respect amongst people.
The climb is simple. First you earn money then fame , popularity and respect
The morality of values in ourselves are a thing of the bygone past. Throat cutting ,back stabbing , lies, cheating , are the basic fundamentals of all kinds of  relationships.
The basic need is MONEY.
This similarity is striking  ; everyone wishes to have  the best of materialistic luxuries in life, but are afraid to admit that they  are  part and parcel of the on going rat race as that puts a question mark on our values , which may enable us to think AND that’s what, we
as today’s generation,  hate to do .Slowly and steadily  our ability to think is diminishing. We don’t wish to think about anything, but just follow people, be it our friends, acquaintances, family or any body  to  whom we r not even remotely connected. Then the biggest irony is that we all wish to be different. The concept “money can buy every thing” is totally wrong .Money does play an important part  in every one’s lives but its not everything . Like they say money can buy pillows but it cant buy sleep.
We, as Indians have  a  rich cultural lineage of values and virtues,
which  are inculcated in us even before our birth. They are the guiding force and the parameters  of our lives till our last breath
Ancient  Indian value system is the most IN thing in today’s world, be it as yoga, vastu,
joint family systems, or things like that. The west is trying to get an in depth
knowledge of our rich cultural heritage in order to save them from the repercussion of excessive money , which leads to an unhealthy life style. They are giving us their
way of life and adopting ours and are still called the most developed nation of the world. Right  from the breakfast on the  morning table to the last cup of coffee in the night
there has been a tremendous  change in our life style there by  creating problems in all spheres of our life. We are importing their preserved energy drinks and exporting our fresh fruits and vegetables, and living  by the standards designed by people, who are alien to our value system and circumstances. These create conflicts within ourselves, and
make  us unhappy and miserable. Those people have literally brainwashed us and made us believe the fact that the Indian  standards are by and large are nothing as compared to theirs.
Adhering to our  values is NOT middle class. Right from our physical activities to our emotional sensitivities  we have been brainwashed for their convenience. We just follow blind folded what ever THEY say , without even pausing for a moment to think is IT viable for us or not? we just do it why because its done by THEM without knowing that  what they do is suitable for their environment and circumstances but not for us.
Values are the only parameters of our life. We often contribute knowingly or unknowingly to the incorrect way of life. High time we gave some thought to our selves as an Indian individual. Need of the hour is to think and uphold the values for a better future. It’s said we use only 2 percent of our brain in our entire life time, so why let the other 98 percent go waste? Let’s make use of this precious gift of GOD to mankind.
Be honoured about the fact that we are INDIANS.

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