success and faliure are part of life

Very Recently one of my know person Juhi Malik started a company Creativa India with his college batch mate Himanshu Bhalla. The company was doing good with some high network clients and they were paid wonderfully.

The company was doing great and wonderful but all of a sudden Juhi Malik was forced to leave the company. I never got to know the exact reasons for the same. May be some internal politics played by the company partners or any nucianse or some internal issues.

The final key point was that juhi malik left the company and  since then I see the downfall of the company.

Today company stands no where, so many blogs and forums are full of complaints against the company.

It reminds me of a wonderful story of Apple Inc which was started by Steve Jobs and the company board of directors asked steve to leave the company.

As soon as he left the company, the downfall of the company started and then they again had to appoint steve jobs on the position of CEO of the company.

Can it be said that some people are so talented that they drive the whole company or the other directors are so useless that they are not capable of running the company.

As in the case of Creativa India and Juhi Malik, I am still unsure what happened, why she left the company and why the company is falling down.

I also found out after talking to juhi that she is right now working in some company.

Why and how the talented minds in India die too soon. Why they are not able to bear ups and downs in life, why they let the things go so easily.

Just faliure of one thing can not prove you a loser. Many great people like Bill Gates, Thomas Alva Adison faced so many downfalls in their life before successfully launching their current ventures.

Thomas alva addison launched more than 50 products before finally inventing light bulb.

Downfalls are the part of life and they should be considered as a fresh starting point but not the full stop.

I wish juhi malik a very wonderful success ahead in life.

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