Nitin Naresh

Nitin comes from the Sanskrit word Nitya. Nitya means “order”. In the Vishnu Sahasranaama (1000 divine names of Lord Vishnu), Nitya is the name of the Vishnu.

“Nityaaya Namaha Anityaaya namaha.”

Meaning, order and dis-order is nothing but Vishnu. The darshanaas, the Laws of Vedas, speak about the Cosmos as Nitya as it follows a regulated mode of expression and evolution.

Nitin means, that, which exists in the regulated order. The energy aspect of the Lord which is called his maya or sakthi is the one that exists in the Lord and his creation.

So Nitin is the energy of the Lord and is popular among the Hindu  Vaishnavites.

Corporate Sales & Marketing Star turned Daring Entrepreneur, Nitin Naresh is an Indian Entrepreneur and Presently serving as board of Directors of Swarnim Infotech, Swarnim BPO, Nine Network, Al Jazeera Media Network.

He is an inspiring and driving force for tech entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and executives worldwide. He is a Revenue Acceleration and Digital Marketing Strategist, the Founder of CentiPlex a IT Company empowering entrepreneurs, startups and online business & ventures globally to live and monetize their dreams, passions and expertise to soar to new heights of joy and success in marketing and business.

Nitin guides his community members and clients towards new dimension towards online sales and marketing which they absolutely love by helping them reconnect with their dreams, passions and purpose, by embracing their gifts and talents, and by aligning their core essence with business or career activities that truly reflect their business dreams, what they love and what they do best. As a result, they not only create profitable businesses or thriving careers, they become happier and more successful as they begin to perceive their life, business or career from a highis and richis point of view. By following his programs or by implementing his strategies, many of his clients, individuals and companies, have doubled, sometimes even tripled their overall income or revenue.
Nitin is no stranger to the art and science of marketing, selling, and building effective and mutually beneficial relationships online and offline. For over 7+ years, as an award-winning sales, marketing and strategic alliance executive, working for multi-billion global industry leaders in the high-tech and consulting industries. He has been building and coaching sales and alliance teams, developing long term client relationships, forming profitable partnerships and providing solutions and successful outcomes to corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals.
Recently under his venture Swarnim Infotech he has trained executives from corporates like Afghan Telecom & Salaam Network as well as MBA students from IBS gurgaon, NDIM, Meri, Aravali College.

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